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Flor de Sal Cimsal

Flor de Sal Cimsal 100% natural and handmade.

       Using the technique of French salt, Cimsal is a pioneer in the production and marketing of Flor de Sal in Brazil.
Lots of sunshine, gentle breezes and low humidity are specific climatic conditions for precipitation of Flor de Sal Cimsal.

Rare crystals are carefully collected manually at specific times on the surfaces of salt and dried naturally in the sun, being a natural product of the highest quality. After the process of harvesting the crystals are envazados manually by artisans and marketed to gourmet shops and restaurants around the world.
In addition to maintaining all the aroma of the sea, the Flor de Sal Cimsal contains over 80 minerals and trace elements. The content of sodium chloride, the main component of the salt is, however, relatively low. Magnesium, one of the first components to precipitate on the surface of the water acts as a natural flavor enhancer, also becoming an alternative to fans of healthy quality of life.